Training course on nuclear plant safety (TC-NPS)

Since September 25, 2023, in the vicinity of Tsuruga city (Japan) as part of the Nuclear Technology Workshop arranged by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), a chief of the radiation research laboratory of the Radiological Research Department of the branch ‘IRSE’ of RSE NNC RK P. Krivitskiy has been a participant of a 4-week ‘Training course on nuclear plant safety’ (TC-NPS).

This course focuses on gaining a wide range of knowledge in the field of nuclear and radiological safety both in operating nuclear plants and decision-making in case any incidents occur. The course is aimed at training qualified specialists in safe operation of nuclear plants. The course involves lectures on basic subjects such as the safety assessment of nuclear power stations and the radiation protection of nuclear plant operators as well as applied subjects like the description of the ‘Fukushima’ NPP accident and exercises.

As part of the course, visits to the Center of Research and Monitoring of the radiological situation around the Fukui prefecture, the Ohi nuclear power plant and the Fugen Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning Center are planned.