Radiation safety training course

From February,15 to February, 19 2021. The branch «Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology» have been conducting training courses titled «Special Training of the Personnel Responsible for Provision of Radiation Safety. Radiation Protection and Safety». The group of trainees consists of 51 men, those are the employees of the RSE NNC RK and its branches, «DK Proekt» LLP and «WHITE dent» LLP. The training consists of lections and practical exercises, covering the issues of legal framework of RK in the area of assurance of radiation safety; basic concepts of radioactivity and types of ionizing radiation; radiometric and dosimetry equipment, its technical specifications and principles of operation; types of hazard in case of radiation emergency, arrangement of zones and means of response and protection of first responders, calculation of thickness of shielding against the ionizing radiation sources (IRS). Also the personal protection equipment, issues in handling radioactive wastes and deactivation methods are considered. In course of training, the attendees will gain a lot of high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge, that for sure will be useful in their professional activities. Upon the completion of the training course, the attendees will pass the exam to assess the knowledge they gained and will be awarded standard certificates.