Advanced training

The Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, RSE NNC RK provides advanced training for its staff members on a regular basis in order to extend previous and acquire new professional knowledge and skills for improving operation quality and efficiency at the entire enterprise. On November 13 through 23, 2018 the Technical Rosatom Academy in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, provided a training course “System of state accounting and inspection of radioactive substances and waste” attended by the Institute’s staff member, a team lead in accounting and inspection of samples, sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive waste, Dinara Panitskaya. Acceptance, sorting, accounting and inspection of all samples and sources of ionizing radiation that are sent to the Institute are the integral part of her team work. All this is done concurrently with execution of a large amount of technical documentation. The training course provided for a highly informative practical work, which taught a correct execution of operating records for enterprises according to the state accounting and inspection system. All kinds of state reporting forms were addressed. Information received at the advanced training course is undoubtedly useful and will be employed for improving the quality of accounting and inspection procedures concerning radioactive substances, sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive waste that the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology deals with.