ХХI Conference-Competition on R&D of Young Scientists and Specialists of RSE NNC RK October 12 – 14, 2022 Kurchatov, Abai Region, Republic of Kazakhstan

In accordance with the Order of the Director General of RSE NNC RK E.G. Batyrbekov  No.03-07/44 ext. as of 2022/02/22, in Kurchatov town at the base of the branch “Institute of Atomic Energy” RSE NNC RK within the period from October 12 to 14, 2022, XXI R&D Conference-Competition is held for Young Scientists and Specialists of the Nuclear National Center of RK. The Organizing Committee and Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of RSE NNC RK invite employees of RSE NNC RK branches, as well as  RSE INP and JSC “NAC Kazatomprom” under 35 years of age with scientific efforts (fundamental, applied, engineering-technical) on the theme of RSE NNC RK activities to attend the competition – conference.


RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Branch “Institute of Atomic Energy” of the Republican State Enterprise “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Journal “Bulletin NNC RK” and “Man. Energy. Atom”.


October 11, Tuesday – day of arrival. October 12, Wednesday – registration, opening, reports of contestants October 13, Thursday – reports of contestants October 14, Friday – the closure of the contest, tours October 15, Saturday – day of departure Note: depending on the current epidemiological situation of the COVID-19, the conference can be held online.


August 12 – application for participation in the competition September 12 (until 6 p.m.) – registration for the competition September 14 – decision on admission to the competition and drawing of lots September 20 – issuance of the second announcement November 10 – acceptance of articles recommended for publication in journal “Bulletin of NNC RK”


Chairman: Koshnenko Natalya Viktorovna, Head of Scientific – Analytical Information and International Cooperation of IAE branch of RSE NNC RK   Secretary: Kotlyar Yelena Sergeyevna – Head of Group of Scientific-Analytical Information and International Cooperation Department, IAE RSE NNC RK   Members of Organizing Committee: Budanova Gulmira Omarbekovna – Specialist of Budgetary Programs and Personnel Training Department of RSE NNC RK; Burdakina Oksana Vladimirovna, Engineer of the 1st Category of Scientific and Analytical Information and International Cooperation Department of IAE RSE NNC RK; Abisheva Mariya Toleukhanovna, Head of Training-Informational Center of IRSE RSE NNC RK; Yuryeva Tatyana Nikolaevna, Specialist in Scientific Programs Support of IGR branch of RSE NNC RK; Gurin Andrey Nikolayevich, PhD, Deputy Head of STC PR RSE INP; Beysekeev Yermek Shortanbayevich, General Manager of the Department of Scientific and Technological Projects of JSC “NAC Kazatomprom”; Bekmuldin Maksat Kuatbekovich, Vice-Chairman of CYSS, Head of Group of the Experimental Thermal Physics Laboratory of IAE branch of RSE NNC RK.


Chairman: Vityuk Vladimir Anatolyevich, PhD, Deputy Director General for Science of RSE NNC RK Vice-Chairman: Skakov Mazhyn Kanapinovich, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Chief Researcher of RSE NNC RK; Secretary of the Jury: Baranov Sergey Alexandrovich, Candidate of Biological Science, Chief Specialist of Budgetary Programs and Personnel Training Department of RSE NNC RK Jury Members:
Mustafina Yevgenia Valeryevna –Deputy Director of IRSE RSE NNC RK;
Subbotin Sergey Borisovich – PhD, senior research associate of the Department for Development of Environmental Monitoring Systems (DDEMS) of the branch “IRSE” of the NNC RK;
Igibayev Ulan Amanovich – Master of Engineering, Head of Complex Geophysical Researches Department of IGR branch of RSE NNC RK;  
Sokolova Inna Nikolayevna – Dr.of Phys and Math Sc., Head of Group for Analysis and Scientific Research of Special Seismic Information Collection and Processing Center of RSE NNC RK;
Sapatayev Yerzhan Yernatuly – PhD, Head of Laboratory for Radiation Materials Science of IAE Branch, RSE NNC RK;
Chektybayev Baurzhan Zhambulovich – PhD, Head of Thermonuclear Studies Department of IAE RSE NNC RK;
Gurin Andrey Nikolayevich   – PhD, Deputy Head of RSC Production of Radiopharmaceuticals, RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics”;  
Omirgali Armanbek Kasymuly –Director of Scientific-Technological Projects of JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”;  
Kozhakhmetov Yernat Abylkhairovich – PhD, Member of SEMS, Head of Materials Testing Group at the base of Thermonuclear Reactor of IAE Branch RSE NNC RK.


Applications and competition papers are submitted to the Secretary of the Organizing Committee through its members: Budanova Gul’mira Omarbekovna (RSE NNC RK) tel: +7 (72251) 3-33-33(ext.430), e-mail: budanova@nnc.kz Burdakina Oxana Vladimirovna (IAE branch) tel: +7 (72251) 3-35-49 (ext. 42-63) e-mail: zatcepina@nnc.kz; Abisheva Mariya Toleukhanovna (IRSE branch) tel: +7 (72251) 3-30-12, 3-34-13 (ext. 241), e-mail: abisheva@nnc.kz Yur’yeva Tatyana Nikolayevna (IGR branch) tel: +7 (722-51) 3-37-42, 3-47-77 (ext.137), e-mail: yuryeva@igr.kz Gurin Andrey Nikolayevich (RSE INP) tel.: +7-727-3866857 e-mail: gurin.andrey@inp.kz Beisekeyev Yermek Shortanbayevich (JSC “NAC “Kazatomprom”) tel. +7 (7172) 458039 (ext. 10270) e-mail: yebeisekeyev@kazatomprom.kz According to the “Regulations on Organization and Conduction of the Annual Conference-Competition of R&D of Young Scientists and Specialists of RSE NNC RK”: Original research and development works (published over the past 2 years in the form of scientific articles, reports at conferences and reports) representing independent studies of a specialist or a group of specialists (not more than 4 authors) are allowed to the competition. The papers for the competition are nominated by the decision of Scientific and Technical Councils of the Institutes. Contest participants at least 1 month before the conference-competition submit their work to the secretary of the jury, designed in accordance with GOST 7.32-2017. Contest papers are submitted in 2 versions – electronic and paper, along with a recommendation of STC. Articles on reports for publication in the journal “Bulletin of NNC RK” are prepared in accordance with the requirements for formulation given in the journal and on the website https://journals.nnc.kz/jour/about/submissions#authorGuidelines.


Branch “Institute of Atomic Energy” RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” 071100, Abaiskaya oblast, Kurchatov, Beibyt Atom 10, room 212   N.V.Koshnenko  koshnenko_n@nnc.kz Ye.S.Kotlyar  kotlyar_e@nnc.kz