Training course on radiation safety

Between December 7 and 11, 2020, another online training for specialists in charge of radiation safety assurance and radiological monitoring (Group A personnel) is held in the Training and Information Center of the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ RSE ‘National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IRSE NNC RK) on the subject: ‘Radiological protection and safety’. The membership of lecturers from among leading specialists of the branch are giving theoretical and practical classes demonstrating the radiological monitoring equipment and personal protection equipment. The course of lectures involves issues of the RK’s legislative framework, fundamental concepts of radioactivity and types of ionizing radiation, detection techniques and instruments (radiometers, spectrometers, dosimeters), biological effects of exposure to ionizing radiation and occupational exposure monitoring. A total of 50 staff members from NNC RK and 2 employees from ‘Kaztsink’ Ltd are attending the training course. Upon completion of the course, the assessment of knowledge to be gained is planned, based on which certificates of a standard pattern will be issued.