Standard samples

Radionuclide analysis is one of the most important elements of radiation safety system. However, good- quality determination of radionuclide composition of the researched material is impossible without STANDARD SAMPLES used both for calibration and quality control of spectrometric equipment and quality control. As a part of commercialization project «Creating an area for development and certification of standard samples», supported by «Fund of Science» JSC, standard samples of radionuclide and elemental composition were developed and made on the basis of the branch «Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology» of the NNC RK. Declared parameters were certified involving certified laboratories of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation. By the present time we have two standard samples successfully passed expert examination in Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology with certificates issued to award them the status of STATE STANDARD SAMPLES. These samples were included into State register of the Republic of Kazakhstan. СЕРТИФИКАТ № 8 об утверждении типа государственного стандартного образца СЕРТИФИКАТ № 178 об утверждении типа государственного стандартного образца