From 2020 to 2023, as part of the «Science for Peace and Security», the Branch of the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology of the NNC RK implemented the international scientific grant project NATO No. SPS985684 «New biological and physical triage methods in radiological emergencies» (BioPhyMeTRE). The branch ‘IRSE’ of the NNC RK acted as a competent international partner along with leading scientific research centers in the field of biological and physical dosimetry: The Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, the National Institute of Health and Higher Education of the National Health Service of Italy, Rome, the Rusher Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia. The leader of the project from IRSE of the NNC RK was the head of the laboratory of biodosimetric research, Candidate of Medical Sciences L.B. Kenzhina.

The project contributed to enhancing national competencies in the field of preparedness and response to radiation/nuclear emergencies: internships in leading biodosimetric laboratories and training workshops, improved the professional skills of employees; the purchase of up-to-date equipment and high-quality reagents raised the standards and effectiveness of cytogenetic research in the country. The presentation of project outputs at world scientific venues, including conferences, symposiums, congresses, contributed to the active involvement of Kazakhstan in the international scientific community, expanded knowledge and experience, and strengthened the network of professional contacts.