IAEA training course on isotopic hydrology

Currently between November, 2nd and November, 6th 2020 the IAEA is being conducting an online training course on isotopic hydrology within the frame of RER7013 project «Assessment of resources of subsurface water and its exchange with surface water objects and contribution to the change of climate. Representatives of 25 different organizations have been successfully using the method of isotopic hydrology are taking part in the meeting. Among the participants there are two employees of the branch «Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology» of the RSE «National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan», those are: head of the Laboratory for Monitoring Researches of the DDEMS, M.R. Aktayev and engineer of the Laboratory, T.Sh. Toktaganov Within the frame of the seminar the following field and laboratory issues are discussed:
  • Sampling and storage of surface and ground water, soil moisture, as well as rain water using various equipment
  • Preparation of water samples for measurement using laser analyzer
  • Data analysis with LGR laser spectrometer
  • Familiarization with the system of LIMS databases (results processing)
  • Familiarization with peculiarities of laser spectroscope and data correction
  • Interpretation of isotopes and hydrochemical characteristics
  • Tritium as a hydrological indicator
  • Carbon-14 as a hydrological indicator
  • Mapping the results – vector and raster data.