X-ray equipment monitoring

Every year the number of X-ray examinations increases, therefore, the issue of the quality of research to be undertaken is becoming more pressing. Research mostly depends on how correctly the X-ray diagnostic equipment is adjusted and operates. Any malfunction in the X-ray diagnostic equipment directly affects an increase in patient doses. According to regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, operating parameters of the X-ray diagnostic equipment have to be controlled not only occasionally depending on the type of a X-ray device in normal operation but also after any repairs. Branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ NNC RK has not only all the necessary approval documents for this type of control (license, accreditation) but also all the necessary equipment that allows the invasive control (without interfering with electronic circuits and equipment assemblies). Control is conducted by top-ranked specialists who attended international training courses and have wide experience. The main regions in which the work is performed are the East-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and Karaganda, North-Kazakhstan and Akmolinsk regions but, if necessary, specialists of the branch IRSE can carry out control activities in any region of Kazakhstan.