“Topical problems in radiochemistry and radioecology”

November 15 through 17, 2017 in Yekaterinburg city (RF) there was III International Scientific and Technical Conference “Topical problems in radiochemistry and radioecology” hosted by “The first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University”, which was dedicated to scientific findings on radiochemistry, radioecology and radiochemical technology problems. Proceedings of the conference were organized in 4 breakup groups: “Fundamental aspects in radiochemistry”; “Radiochemical technologies. Radioactive waste management”; “Radiochemical analysis”; “Radionuclides behavior in the environment”; “Radiopharmaceutical chemistry”. Deputy Director of the branch Asan Aidarkhanov and a laboratory head Almira Aidarkhanova represented IRSE RSE NNC RK. Our specialists presented 1 plenary, 1 report within a breakup group and 6 poster presentations showing results of radioecological studies conducted at Semipalatinsk Test Site. Organizers of the conference noted a high level of papers presented, the team of branch IRSE was awarded a diploma for conducting a range of radioecological studies as well as diplomas and letters of appreciation were presented to branch staff members.