A working meeting on the development of radon maps was held in Lithuania

Between July 9 and 11, 2019 a work meeting was held in Lithuania (Vilnius city) on development of radon maps and identification of regions exposed to radon which was attended by specialist from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Cyprus. On behalf of the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ RSE NNC RK, the work meeting was attended by the engineer of the Radiation Research  and Ecosystem Restoration Department Olga Novikova. As part of the meeting, methods of radon reduction in residential houses, kindergartens and schools were addressed as well as methods used in Europe to develop radon maps for evaluating radon hazard level in a particular terrain. In conclusion, the event program included a visit to the training proving ground on which hosts demonstrated instruments applied in Lithuania for radon measurements as well as practical studies were conducted.