Preparing for the field season

One of the priorities in Institute’s activities is research into the radiological situation of the former Semipalatinsk Test Site. Preparatory measures are annually taken for implementing the work planned before the field season starts. These consist in defining the amount of sampling, planning visits, preparing equipment and instruments. It is worth noting, however insignificant this may be, that a correctly sharpened sampling tool does affect the quality and how quickly the work is done, say nothing of the adjustment and preparation of a complicated topographic and geodesic, gamma-spectrometric equipment. In addition, all the equipment being used necessarily and on a regular basis undergoes certification and is supported by certificates. Preparation of infrastructure is also important from portable cabins that proved to be good afield to storage facilities. Thus, as of today, all of the activities on preparation of portable cabins are already completed. Cabins have been routinely maintained as well as all the systems have been tested for comfortable accommodation. The motor vehicle pool has also undergone a preliminary preparation. Despite the fact that each vehicle is continuously inspected, preventive maintenance is carried out before the field season starts. Individual attention is paid to drill rigs for the proper status of which very high requirements are established. As a whole, one can say that field season preparation is like a Community Cleanup Day on a clear April day, which allows everything to be put in order, and we can positively say that by season in 2020 we are 100% ready.