Received a new analytical instrument “Pyrolyser-6 Trio”

As part of IAEA’s technical cooperation project KAZ9014 ‘Scientific and technical support of activities on the release of lands of the former Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS) to economic use’, the branch IRSE RSE NNC RK acquired a new analytical instrument ‘Pyrolyser-6 Trio’ in 2019. This equipment was specifically designed and tested to extract tritium and 14C efficiently and quickly (as well as other volatile radionuclides) which, inter alia, are produced in the environment during nuclear tests. Using ‘Pyrolyser-6 Trio’ makes it possible to extract tritium and 14C from any materials and sites such as soil, bottom sediments, foodstuffs, biota, building materials, metals and bioassays in order to further analyze samples obtained by beta-spectrometry. This equipment will be used in research for studying the radiological situation in territories exposed to radioactive contamination as well as for radiological monitoring and control of environmental sites.