A training on the use of radio tracers and gamma scans in industry was held in Sakle

radiotracers and gamma-scanning in industry based on the National French Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies in Saclay city. The event was attended by the head of the Radiation Research and Ecosystem Restoration Department, Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology RSE NNC RK Yevgeniya Mustafina. The program involved lectures given by leading experts from France and Austria on radiation technologies and practical studies on gamma-scanning procedures and utilization of radiotracers. Problem issues were discussed on utilization of radiotracers and gamma-scanning in industry as well as during surveys of the water supply system and natural water bodies. There were also features of radiation safety assurance and statistical processing of findings addressed. As a whole, the training was attended by representative from Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Kazakhstan. Based on training results, examinations were taken in materials studied. Participants who successfully passed the examinations were put in the list of certified experts of the International Society for Radiotracers and Radiation Applications.