Visit by a film crew of the Japanese NHK Television Company to IRSE

On August 3 of the same year, a Japanese film crew from the HNK TV company visited the museum of Semipalatinsk Test Site history as part of the program of a stay to make a large-scale TV movie aimed at covering progressive dynamics in development of Kazakhstan. The editorial staff of the Japanese TV company was planning to devote some of the movie to a tragic history of nuclear explosions in the territory of Kazakhstan and Japan, points of interaction between the two countries in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy. In order to see venues of nuclear testing with their own eyes, gather necessary materials, a sightseeing tour was arranged for the Japanese delegation to the “Experimental Field” ground and a so-called “Farm Enterprise”. For introduction to activities and engineering and technical instrumentation of the Institute, the film crew paid a visit to Laboratory Building 27.