Scientific visit under the NATO Project

July 18 through 30, 2022 under the international NATO Project SPS985684 ‘Novel biological and physical triage techniques in the event of radiological/nuclear emergencies’, staff members of the IRSE NNC RK’s biodosimetry laboratory are making a scientific visit and taking the fellowship in the laboratory of health care and environmental protection on the premises of the Italian National Agency for Novel Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Rome, Italy. The visit was planned under the supervision of a laboratory head, PhD in Mathematics L.B. Kenzhina. The visit is aimed at attending work meetings on further advance of the Project, summing up interim results, performing the laboratory work on the combined protocol of a novel cytogenetic biodosimetry practice. For the partnership, a visit to the National Institute of Health and Higher Education, the leading scientific and technical authority of the Italian National Healthcare Service, is planned.