May 29 through June 2, 2023, the Greek Marine Research Center in Anavyssos c., Greece, hosted the International conference on radiation application ‘RAP-2023’. The conference goal was to provide researchers and specialists engaged in application matters of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and in other related fields with an opportunity to share and discuss their findings and experience on a forum. The conference subject matter covered different fields in physics, chemistry, biology, medical sciences, technology and environmental sciences. An environmental engineer of the Radioecological and Biodosimetric Research Department of the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ NNC RK Ye.S. Sysoyeva presented her paper entitled ‘The study of Sr-90 impact on plant variability’. During the conference period, a meeting on IAEA TC project RER7015 entitled ‘Improved management of coastal zones at the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and Aral seas using nuclear analytical techniques’ was held. The conference and the IAEA meeting were attended by a head of the Monitoring, Ecological and Analytical Research Department A.K. Aidarkhanova who is a representative from the Republic of Kazakhstan in this project. The meeting was held to discuss the importance of assessing the current ecological and radiological state of the above seas. That said, as of today, nuclear analytical techniques were noted to allow not only the analysis of the current ecological state of marine ecosystems but also the assessment of the water balance and the estimation of the sedimentation rate of bottom sediments, which are necessary for further prediction of ecological and climatic changes.