International scientific conference “Radiobiology: Topical problems”, Gomel city

Between September 27 and 28, 2018 there was an international scientific and technical conference “Radiobiology: Topical problems” held on the basis of the Institute of Radiobiology, the Belorussian National Academy of Sciences in Gomel city which was attended by scientists from different countries (Belarussia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Japan). Upon invitation from organizers, N.V. Larionova and A.Ye Kunduzbayeva who represented the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology NNC RK participated in the conference presenting their papers entitled “Artificial radionuclides in plants of steppe and forest ecosystems long after nuclear tests were discontinued at Semipalatinsk Test Site” and “Speciation of artificial radionuclides in soils of forest ecosystems exposed to deposition resulted from aboveground tests at Semipalatinsk Test Site”. Besides, reports presented by participants cover scientific findings on the assessment of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation of various range impacting biosystems; medical and biological aspects of radiation effects, exposure dose formation impact on biota and man and ways of how to reduce these. As part of the conference there was a tour arranged to core laboratories of the Institute of Radiobiology during which participants had an opportunity to familiarize with key areas of the enterprise activity, its methodical hardware. Establishment of new contacts with scientists, particularly, colleagues from the Belorussian Institute of Radiobiology NAS, the Belorussian State University, Lithuanian Center of Physical Sciences and Technologies, Yekaterinburg Institute of Industrial Ecology of Ural Department RAS and others, in addition to sharing experience positively affected staff members’ expertise.