Online training course ‘Introductory Course on Nuclear Energy’

As part of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of human resources development, the Japan Atomic Energy Company is holding an online training course ‘Introductory Course on Nuclear Energy’ between February 2 and 28, 2022 to introduce a light-water reactor in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The training course addresses the Republic of Kazakhstan’s need for NPP, the current status of primary/derived energy in Kazakhstan, approaches and problems in some countries concerning multiple uses of atomic energy, nuclear energy contribution to carbon neutrality, nuclear energy safety, safety when choosing a nuclear reactor in Kazakhstan (assessment techniques, confirmation of the status to submit the facility assessment), development status of criteria and assessment techniques for nuclear business expediency in Kazakhstan.

Staff members from the Department for Environmental Monitoring System Development A. Raimkanova and A. Kruglykhin are participating in the online training course on behalf of the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ RSE NNC RK.