Research into the migration of radionuclides on the basis of an experimental greenhouse

In order to identify processes affecting the migration rate of 137Cs, 90Sr, 241Am and others in the ‘soil-plant’ system, staff members of the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology NNC RK conducted a set of simulation vegetation experiments on the basis of the experimental greenhouse. As a result, parameter values were obtained for the accumulation of man-made radionuclides by lettuce (Lactuca sativa), pepper (Capsicum annuum) and tomato (Solanum lycopersium). Regression models describing the quantitative dependence between parameters determined and contributors determining the migration of radionuclides for STS soils that are different in type and nature of radioactive contamination were developed. This information is of great importance to reveal methods of how to affect this process. These methods are able both to favor and reduce the accumulation.