On-line workshop on the adjustment and run of the equipment

Under the IAEA Technical Cooperation Project KAZ9014 ‘Scientific and technical support of activities on the release of land of the former Semipalatinsk Test Site to economic use, the branch IRSE RSE NNC RK has received an oxygen combustion vessel 1121 manufactured by Parr Instrument. This February an online workshop on the adjustment and a test run of the equipment was held with a staff member of Parr Instrument company. The equipment allows the transformation of solid samples into soluble-forms for further analysis. The advantage of this oxygen vessel 1121 is a quick decomposition of bigger subsample of slow-burning samples by fully preserving all of the components to be analyzed, which improves a statistical importance of findings. This equipment will be used for research activities in order to study and control the radiological situation in areas exposed to radioactive contamination.