Ecology. Radiation. Health.

On August 28 and 29, 2023 XVI International scientific and practical conference was held in Semei city to commemorate an outstanding scientist B. А. Atchabarov and the 70th anniversary of the Non-profit JSC ‘Semei Medical University’. This event gathered leading scientists, physicians and public figures not only from Kazakhstan but also from all over the world including Japan, France, India, Russia and other countries.

The conference covered a broad range of scientific subjects reflecting topical aspects of the clinical and nuclear medicine, public healthcare arrangement in environmentally adverse regions as well as of diagnostics and rehabilitation, disease prevention. great attention was paid to matters of radiation ecology and safety.

At the breakout session ‘Radiation ecology and radiation safety’, a chief of the biodosimetric research laboratory of the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, Laura Kenzhina, delivered a presentation entitled ‘Assessment of an individual quantitative human dose in a radiological emergency’. The presentation of data related to the development of biological dosimetry in Kazakhstan aroused a keen interest among the participants and guests. That emphasized a high importance of biological dosimetry in the context of nuclear emergency preparedness and response as well as for medical and occupational monitoring of the exposure dose. Research data was noted to play an important role in the field of radiation safety and ecology fostering public health and safety not only in Kazakhstan but also in the Central Asia region.