Technical cooperation with IAEA

As part of IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Program, 6 regional and international projects were being implemented in Kazakhstan in 2018 coordinators of which are staff members of the branch “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology”, RSE “National Nuclear Center” RK:
  1. Enhancing the activity on capacity building for European nuclear and radiation safety organizations to operate sites safely.
  2. Improving standard radiation technologies and procedures for quality control of human health and environmental safety.
  3. Developing radiotherapy methods and systems of nuclear inspection and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems.
  4. Improving rehabilitation and management of earthy and freshwater environments affected by radioactive contamination.
  5. Improving aerosol source inventory applying nuclear analytical techniques in support of air quality control.
  6. Strengthening regional capacity to control long-term population risks arising from radon in residential houses and at workplaces.
The main objective of these projects is to strengthen international cooperation and quality improvement of scientific and technical research and development in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, peaceful use of nuclear energy, nuclear technologies and applications. During implementation of regional projects coordinators representing Kazakhstan are actively involved in arrangement of cooperative trainings and workshops, coordination meetings to share experience, advanced training of specialists, introduction of up-to-date highly efficient methods and developments in nuclear knowledge management and work quality improvement.