Women’s role in science is special

On August 24 through 26, 2022, III International scientific and practical conference   ‘The role of female scientists in the development of science, innovations and technologies’ was held in Gulistan city (Sogdiyskaya region, Tadzhikistan) arranged by the National Agency for Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear Safety of the Tadzhikistan National Academy of Sciences, the International Science and Technology Center, the National Division of WiN (Women in Nuclear) Tadzhikistan. This conference has brought together about 100 female scientists in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, biosafety, chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, ecology and other fields from Central Asia countries and across the globe so as to discuss the aspiration to gender equality and the equal contribution by women to global scientific and technological innovations. A head of the biodosimetric research laboratory, from the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, NNC RK, a radiobiologist Laura Kenzhina, Ph.D in Medicine, was invited to contribute to the implementation of the conference concept. Her presentation on the subject ‘Prospects for the Development of the Biological Cytogenetic Dosimetry in Kazakhstan to enhance readiness for and response to radiological and nuclear emergencies in the Central Asia’ has greatly resonated with scientists from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Pakistan and Armenia contributing to the establishment of the regional cooperation and sharing experience fruitfully in accident biodosimetry. The presentation relevance won in the nomination ‘The relevance of the topic’).