ISTC project on water quality research at STS

On March 1 the ISTC project called “Research into the impact of chemical toxicants on general ecological situation at Semipalatinsk Test Site”started the subcontractor of which is the branch “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology” RSE NNC RK. This project is one of the first being implemented in Kazakhstan since the head office of the International Science and Technology Center was open in Astana. It aims at studying water quality for objects of water use at Semipalatinsk Test Site and assessing the contribution made by chemical toxicants to general chemical radiation dose to people who reside in close vicinity to the test site. As part of project implementation a range of tasks has been defined to determine general chemical indicators of water quality and the content of heavy metals in chemical toxicants and radionuclides in objects of water use; to analyze the content of toxic metals, heavy elements and radionuclides in samples of bottom sediments collected, riverside soil and plants; to undertake radiation and geochemical zoning of STS water bodies according to the type and level of contamination as well as to evaluate the quality of STS objects of water use. Based on research undertaken under this project, a systematic study of water quality of objects of water use and assessment of their impact on health of people residing in close vicinity of STS are suggested in the STS territory.