Control of operating parameters for X-ray equipment

The branch “Institute of radiation Safety and Ecology”, National Nuclear Center RK performs its activities in medical and closed penitentiaries of the East-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda, North-Kazakhstan and Aktyubinsk regions to control operating parameters of X-ray (medical, inspection) equipment. Operating parameters of X-ray equipment are overseen on a contractual basis by visiting a work area and followed by drawing up a protocol, stating measured equipment specifications and issuing an opinion letter that facility specifications conform to regulatory requirements. What does control of operating parameters imply? First of all this is control of major X-ray units characteristics affecting the image quality and, respectively, accuracy of diagnostic information being obtained as well as the level of patient and personnel exposure doses. This type of control is the most important measure for assessing the current status of equipment and its operation quality. Because, eventually, a dose received by a patient and in some cases by a radiotherapist depends on the quality of equipment operation. The first requirements for this type of control were introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2008 and included in “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for Radiation Hazardous Sites”. These requirements regulate the following parameters: constancy, reproducibility and accuracy of anode voltage adjustment and exposure time, radiation output of an X-ray tube, geometry control of radiation beam, photoprocess control. At the beginning of 2018 there were 48 items of X-ray diagnostic and inspection units verified of which only one registered deviation. In 2018 Almata region was added to “geography” of work.