IAEA’s expert mission

Under TC (Technical Cooperation) Project KAZ9018 ‘Development of biological dosimetry in Kazakhstan to assure nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness and response’, an expert Christopher Buddy, a head of the Radiation Effects Department of the UK Health Security Agency on his mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited a biodosimetry laboratory in the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology on May 22 through 26, 2023. The mission allows the assessment of a national capacity in the field of emergency biodosimetry, the determination of needs and problems in the field of the enhancement of emergency response measures, the provision of recommendations concerning Kazakhstan’s capabilities of working out realistic and efficient strategies in the emergency triage by the quantitative individual exposure dose. Expert missions are standard components in TC projects. A detailed expert report regarding Kazakhstan’s advances in the development of biological dosimetry will allow tasks set in the current TC project KAZ9018 to be implemented in full and the biodosimetry support quality to be improved in the Central Asian region in case of a large-scale radiological emergency.