Individual dosimetric control

One commercial focus area in the branch Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ NNC RK is provision of individual dosimetric control (IDC) services. The equipment available in the branch allows the determination of individual doses from external beta-, gamma-, X-rays and neutron radiation both for the entire bodyя and for individual organs and tissues (hands, lens), which provides control of external doses in all fields of application of ionizing radiation sources from medicine to operations at atomic stations and nuclear reactors. For personnel IDC, the branch has at its disposal a high-quality Thermo system that runs in an automatic mode minimizing a human factor and increasing the processing quality and speed of large datasets. IDC has to be carried out in all institutions working with ionizing radiation sources. It allows to trace external exposure doses to personnel who are directly involved in the work with ionizing radiation sources as well as measures for protection of staff members from overexposure to be taken in a timely manner. As from 2009, IDC branch IRSE has provided its services for third parties. Dose meters are handed over and collected through a delivery service on a ‘from hand to hand’ basis, which allows provision of IDC services all over the Republic of Kazakhstan irrespective of where an institution is located. Over the incomplete first half of 2020, the branch has provided 54 institutions with IDC.