Training courses on the topic “Technologies for X-ray Visualization of Cultural Heritage Sites” were held in Belgrade

On September 7th– 11th, 2019 «Technologies of X-ray visualization of cultural legacy objects» training courses were held in Servia (Belgrade). The course was hosted by «Vinchi» Institute of Nuclear Researches in Belgrade, in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The agenda included the issues in maintenance (restoration, conservation and etc.) and study of cultural legacy of different countries in the world using modern methods of visualization, as well as non-destructive control methods (such as X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence analysis) using different instrumental approaches (use of film-type x-radiography, as well as modern digital technologies). Also, the issues in metrology and standardization of researches of this type, as well as the list of non-technical issues, i.e., difficulty in cooperation between physical scientists and cultural specialists- renovators in the field of terminology and results of such visualizations were discussed. These training courses were attended by specialists from different countries from all over the globe, such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Malta, Italy and others. The branch «Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology» of the RSE NNC RK was represented by A.A. Kharchenko the engineer of the Laboratory for nuclear-physical methods of analysis