Summer School ‘Young Physicist-2023’

As part of the Summer School ‘Young Physicist-2023’, which is annually held for 8-10 graders, 44 pupils from Kurchatov and Akzhar vil. schools visited the ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ of RSE ‘NNC RK’ on the premises of RSE ‘National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ and JSC ‘Park of Nuclear Technologies’ on June 22, 2023. The program of a visit included both lectures and exercises, during which children familiarized with Institute and Semipalatinsk Test Site’s activities in more detail. High school students were not only introduced to the equipment, familiarized with techniques and operating principles on the preparation of plant and animal samples for the radionuclide analysis but also acted as researchers. Exercises were held under the guidance of Institute’s leading specialists, and, therefore, none of ‘young physicists’ questions was disregarded. The program of the Summer School also incorporated a tour to the exhibition hall of the STS history, and, traditionally, children left their feedback in the welcome book for future generations of ‘young physicists’. These events help educate a generation of the talented and curious youth. Therefore, we are looking forward to receive ‘young physicists’ next year!