On December 18, 2019 года there was a Forum in the city on the outcomes of the Youth Year in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The organizer of this event is MSI ‘Youth’s Resource Center’ of Kurchatov city. As part of the forum program, staff members of the Bureau of Scientific and Technical Information (BSTI) of the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ arranged a travelling exhibition to the museum of Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS) for residents of Kurchatov city. The exhibition provided mobile models of boreholes, tunnels before and after the explosion, the ‘Experimental Field’. There were also information stands with infographics about the current radioecological status of the STS ecosystem and historical information on nuclear testing at STS. IRSE employees, under the outreach activities, distributed IRSE’s scientific collected papers, photo albums, booklets, journals and other printed materials to exhibition visitors. The forum was attended by city’s young staff members and entrepreneurs who delivered their papers. Amir Kairzhanov, one of the staff members of IRSE RSE NNC RK delivered his paper on the subject ‘Development of the interactive STS map’.