International conference ‘AdriBioPro-2022’

The International conference ‘Adriatic Biodiversity Protection – AdriBioPro-2022’ was held in Kotor city, Montenegro, June 13 through 15, 2022. As part of the conference, a meeting under the IAEA’s TC Project RER7015 – ‘Enhanced management of coastal zones of the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and Aral seas using nuclear analytical techniques’ was held. The conference was dedicated to current research in the field of the Adriatic biodiversity protection, conservation of coastal and sea areas and sustainable utilization of marine resources. The focus was on raising the value of biodiversity in both marine and freshwater medium, besides the Adriatic sea, including other seas of the European continent. A head of the Department for the Development of Environmental Monitoring Systems А.К. Aidarkhanova participated in the conference and IAEA’s meeting. Almira is a representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan under this IAEA’s project. In the field ‘Marine and freshwater contamination’, A.K. Aidarkhanova delivered a poster presentation on the subject ‘Assessment of the radioecological state of the Aral sea ecosystem’, which was dedicated to the ecological disaster at the Aral sea and the current environmental state of its coastal zone.