The commencement of the field work

One of the most important stages of the main type of activity carried out by the branch ‘Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology’ of RSE NNC RK is to perform the field work in different various areas surveyed including the Semipalatinsk Test Site. Due to the large scope of work planned, field trips in 2023 began relatively early – late in February. They were preceded by a substantial preparation including office studies and a technical work: a preliminary breakdown of terrain maps stating work areas; site visit scheduling; deciding upon the amount of environmental sampling; staff training and preparation (adjustment and calibration) of the necessary equipment. The mobile cars necessary for a comfortable life of workers in the field and the entire motor vehicle fleet have also been thoroughly prepared. This year the field camp was set early in April. As of today, about 500 soil and 25 air aerosol samples have been collected, and the pedestrian gamma survey has begun. Every day the number of field trips increases covering all scientific and commercial types of the branch’s activities.