TEDx Semey

On Saturday, May 12 a second TEDx licensed conference took place in the Place of Youth in Semey city. TEDx conferences were inspired by the TED mission “Ideas worthy of dissemination”. The main purpose of such conferences is to enable local communities, organizations and sole proprietors to share their experience in the TEDx format. That year the conference was held under the slogan “Just do it!”. Among speakers there was an employee of the branch “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology”, RSE NNC RK, head of laboratory for radioecological research, Zhanat Baigazinov. In his speech “Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site — from tragedy to national pride” he spoke about his attitude to Semipalatinsk Test Site, what opportunities STS gives to young scientists and kazakhstanis on the whole. Zhanat Baigazinov was employed in 2006 by the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology RSE NNC RK to work in the Department of Comprehensive Ecosystems Research. In 2016 he defended a Ph.D. thesis in Biology based on the Thesis Board under FSBSI “All-Russian Scientific and Technical Institute of Radiobiology and Agroeconomy” (Obninsk city, RF). From 2006 onwards, Zhanat has regularly participated in radioecological studies both as an executive officer and as an academic adviser for state scientific and technical programs and international projects. The main area of the young scientist’s expertise is radioecology and radiobiology of farm animals and poultry; cytogenetics, epidemiology and biodosimetry.