Department of Radiation Research and Ecosystems Rehabilitation

The Department performs a full range of measurements of radiation parameters regulated by the applicable legislation and regulatory documents:


  • Monitoring the equivalent dose rate.
  • Monitoring flux density of alpha-, beta-particles.
  • Determination of radon and thoron daughter products in air.
  • Determination of radon content in water.
  • Survey of sites for building residential houses and buildings.
  • Industrial radiation control of scrap metal.
  • Assessment of solid fuel (coal) radioactivity.

  • Monitoring radiation situation when working with sources of ionizing radiation and in conditions of a radiation accident.
  • Measurement of contamination levels on working surfaces, in equipment, vehicles, personal protection equipment, on skin cover, personnel’s clothes with radioactive substances.
  • Development of protective measures aimed at reduction of the effective gamma-dose rate and radon entering premises.
  • Development of industrial radiation control system.

A pedestrian gamma-spectrometric survey allows within a short period evaluation of the content of 137Cs, 241Am, Eu isotopes, 40K, U isotopes, 60Co, 232Th, Pb isotopes in soil of areas surveyed  without soil sampling or costly analyses and identification of precise contamination borders. Survey results can be obtained after 15 minutes as radioactive contamination maps

The available equipment allow a high-precision coordinates setting afield to within 5 cm (geodetic reference to location of cable channels, identification of site turning points, setting precise drilling coordinates etc.), determination of ground elevations.
Findings can be used to create a digital relief model, 3D terrain models, drawing up topographic map-boards.